John Lennon previously unpublished photo 1960s

7 May


In 1963, I started a group called The Rivals with two friends, J and M. We needed a drummer and I mentioned this fact to my art teacher at a Plymouth Secondary School. The teacher’s spouse was a drummer and might be able to help.

Drummer P was also an art teacher, but at a Comprehensive in Plymouth. They were both young and trained at Liverpool Art College. They both claimed to have studied there with John Lennon and Paul MacCartney whom they counted as friends.

We students in my class were shown some black and white photographs taken with Paul in Liverpool as evidence to prove the point. The above picture shows our drummer P and his wife M with John Lennon having a cup of tea backstage at the ABC Cinema, Plymouth on 13 November 1963. I was in the audience.

The members of The Rivals, bless them all (a group destined for fabulous stardom in several alternative universes, we understand).

The above picture shows our group in early 1965 with P on drums. He told me that he had played with John and Paul when they were all students and totally unknown to the public. The fifth member of the group, F, performed on Vocals, Harmonica and Maracas. -Jay


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