Vincent on… Growing Up

8 May

Two years ago, aged 56, I finally GOT it. No – not gonorrhea – the Secret Of Life. And it is this: man’s greed and stupidity is eternal. There is a monotonous regularity in it.

Case in point: I always said that Cleggy would LOSE the A/V vote – in fact, I promised to eat my FOOT if the great British electorate voted it in. My foot remains in place.

Of course, they SHOULD have voted it in overwhelmingly – it was a RARE chance to finally END the grossly-unfair system that has ruled Britain for ninety-odd years.

But despite the fact the first-past-the-post system has held them back for decades (Europe – PROPER Europe – has HAD P.R. for decades and are ahead of Britain in EVERYTHING) the British FEAR change.

Young Cleggy was naive. Seduced by the temptation of the post of Deputy P.M. (a NON-job) he BLEW the SECOND chance the Middle Party has had for reform. The first was in the mid-Eighties – and the Two Davids blew THAT one too.

The next chance should come around 2035. If I’m still around, I’ll be 83. But I’m not holding my breath – ’cause ten’ll get you one, they’ll blow THAT one as WELL.


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