Cameron & Clegg are out for what they can get.

9 May


The Lib Dems, out of office for 60 years, have always been the weak link in the UK political system. Their supporters being the kind of folk who want to inhabit the moral high ground while enjoying the quiet reality that they will NEVER be called upon to rule. Until now that is.

Vincent is right, Cleggy was seduced, as were his closest aids. It’s a bonus when the British Public, already viewed in foreign quarters as “Thick, Lazy, Un-interested and Slow” get a strop on and open the door to deal makers.

Cameron is no better. A former Office Boy from Carlton Television, he led the Tories in opposition for five years, only to be firmly rejected by the electorate. The stage was set for the perfect storm. This is a government without any authority and I left the UK so as not to live under their rule or contribute in anyway to their grand ideas.

The PM and Deputy PM are in it for what they can get out of it.

Camerons friends from Eton who inhabit the City will be taken good care of before this government runs its course, as will the Murdoch’s.

Remember Clegg is a former MEP. While living in Brussels the tax payers picked up the tab for the payments on his home. On moving back to Westminster he sold the Brussels property pocketing a 200K profit that was not returned to the tax payer but used to purchase a property in the UK.

The two smoochies bounce off each other with all the tactical poise that could ever possibly be expected. Its a good feeling to be far far away from it all.

-Jay Liotta, Ghana, West Africa.


One Response to “Cameron & Clegg are out for what they can get.”

  1. Vincent May 9, 2011 at 7:17 am #

    I’ll echo THAT!

    Vincent, in Thailand.

    p.s. I noted – a few years before I escaped – that in a survey, taken every ten years since the Victorian age, to determine “the mood of the masses”, that the question “If you could leave Britain and live abroad, would you?” received a larger than 50% YES for the first time ever.

    And that includes the early Forties – when the Luftwaffe were dropping BOMBS on us!

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