Diana was a stupid bitch. And I loved her…

14 May


The movie about the stupid bitch who thought seat belts were for sissies and common folk, and who made poor choices in men friends, has just come out in arty-tarty town, in Southern France…

The stupid botch of her life ended when she teamed up with a stupid boy who thought laws were for sissies and common folk.

When the car crashed, the hood crumpled as designed. The front half of the cabin roof was partly bent down. The front passenger, wearing his seat belt, of course survived. The unbelted drunk driver got a steering column for supper.

The back of the car was perfectly unharmed. The stupid bitch, and the boyfriend who was urging the driver to speed through a blind combination of chicane and dip to confront the back of a car that was doing the legal speed, were not wearing seat belts and were crammed by momentum into the foot-well behind the front seats when the car swerved and hit the pillar at 96 kph.

She was alive and clearly in need of hospital emergency department without delay. But the French crew stood and watched her bleed internally until she had no blood left circulating. She could have been saved. Maybe the medics feared being sued if they moved her and she died on the way to surgery with transfusion.

She deserved to die for her stupidity. The other two deserved to die for their stupidity. Anyone not wearing a seat belt is stupid and deserves to die. There is no special law of physics for posh posers.

No conspiracy. No murder. Plenty of posturing morons making money. And news media splashing the entire moronic pantomime.

But I cannot help still mourning the stupid bitch. Goodbye England’s stupid bitch.

PS from Bourtnemouth:

On Wednesday this week a lady climbed over the fence of a bridge over the A31 highway and clocked herself out.

Well done our kid!

But the cops shut the road for EIGHT HOURS from 16h39!

Back-ups jammed A31 and A338

What the Hell were they looking for? Brain cells so as to piece together what she was thinking? I do not think science has gotten that far guys.

Is this an aspect of the Lawyer disease? Need to have a morass of superfluous data in case some jerk sues?

On Friday the Daily Echo revealed that the lady was 41, divorced, with no offspring, lived in the Ringwood area, worked two days a week as a volunteer in a charity shop, was highly intelligent, and was extremely well-liked by all who knew her.


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