Police in UK have it easy.

14 May


Re the lady who clocked off or out, the problem is the lack of official Clocking Off Stations. There should be one in every city in order that citizens who may have a terminal complaint or who have just made up their mind that life has run its course can clock out with some respect and dignity.

With reference to the police clearing up operation, I can’t help but notice the over spending by police authorities on building huge empires of bullsh*t that do not exist here in the third world thru the total lack of government investment or interest.

Here in Ghana once you get outside the capital Accra, police stations are not even equipped to the same standard as UK rural police stations of 60 or 70 years ago. It’s a tribute to the men and women of the Ghanaian Police that they are able to provide the most basic services. Somehow they manage.

I was at a police station here the other day and noticed they even had a primitive Domestic Violence Unit.

The police in the UK would never be able to survive here with the present facilities not to mention non-survivable wages. No, the UK cops have a very easy life.

Jay Liotta, Ghana, West Africa.


One Response to “Police in UK have it easy.”

  1. Vincent May 15, 2011 at 5:19 am #

    Switzerland has had legal “assisted suicide” for years. But of late, it has become an issue for them that instead of tourists going there for the winter sports – many are going to CLOCK OUT.

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