Ghana at 53.

16 May


I was riding around Accra the other afternoon with a local businessman who took me to the James Town area on the coast. It would have been occupied by the British during colonial times. I was truly shocked as to the conditions that the locals were living in and I can perfectly understand anyone who feels they have to do something to escape to the First World.

The life of the average citizen here in West Africa is such that most of them would agree to almost anything if a visitor can open the door to the UK, USA or the rest of Europe.

Ghanaians have been running their own affairs here for the past 53 years so I think it’s fair comment to enquire “just what the hell have their elected representatives been doing???”

And all this poverty is just 5 minutes drive from the plush OSU area with its tourist shops bars and restaurants. My host was popping to James Town to buy a favourite take-away, Fresh Fried Local Fish. He could read the look on my face as we slowly made our way down a narrow slip road to the beach area where the purchase was made.

“Here, try this fish, it tastes amazing, that should cheer you up” he said.

Ten minutes later, we were back in the commercial centre of Accra with business suits, swanky black Pajaro’s, and shops and offices with full A/C. Welcome to Ghana!



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