Bojo Beach resort, Ghana.

16 May


Bojo Beach is going to have an international reputation owing to the way it’s managed. It’s very safe for locals as well as visitors. Public beaches in West Africa in general are not that safe unless you are visiting with a group.

Beaches used by white tourists are the favourite haunt of bumsters who want to rob you, prostitutes who also want to rob you once they get into your hotel room, and would-be Partners who are in desperate need of visas/papers in order to escape poverty and hardship.

It was my birthday yesterday so we went to Bojo Beach Resort. It was only half an hour’s drive from the house and I had no idea it was there.

In fact it’s a lagoon with the ocean on one side and a safe lake the other. It’s connected to the sea but the inner lake part is safe for Jet Ski rides.

As it was Sunday the fishermen had their open Dows moored there. You can look it up on the net, as I did when I got back, where international travellers have posted very favourable comments. I imagined for a couple of hours that I had landed in Tahiti!



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