Alfie: Alive and well and working on a lesser project!

17 May

……which, in my youth, was what we used to say of “God” when we wanted to annoy religionists!

Later, of course, I chose to annoy the religionist subset known as “White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant” by alluding to said hypothetical (and hypocritical) deity as a big black woman!

Now I annoy ALL of them by refusing either to argue with them or to buckle down and blindly accept their plainly man-made “words of God”.

But that isn’t what I wanted to write about!

When I picked up this pencil and paper – that being how I still prefer to compose these pieces – it was to tell you why I haven’t done any articles here or on my own site lately.

This is mostly down to the peculiarities of the computer network onto which I am logging every day in the course of my temporary contract. For some reason those with power over network access (and it really annoys me that I’m not one of them!) do not allow ANYONE access to anything that seems even remotely like a “social networking” site.

I can understand that they want to keep the ordinary workers from playing with Facebook all day but don’t consider that it ought to apply to ME and my Sumpnado/LittleAlfie blog work!

However, I also want to be paid so I don’t protest too much!

The other reason I’ve done very little lately is that a couple of weeks ago I had a very unusual, clear and memorable dream, the memory of which lasted long enough for me to write it down. And it occurred to me that with a little tweaking and stretching I could turn it into a novel – the one that’s going to make my fortune and enable me to retire!

Yes THAT one! Again!

So, for the last few weeks I’ve been trying to make it work and I think that, at last, I have the all-important first page done. The rest of the first chapter will, no doubt emerge in a year or two.

Unfortunately my innate paranoia and fear of having my plots nicked and used by someone else means that I can’t tell you what it’s about, although I nearly blurted it out to a guy at work last week!

Fortunately I realised in time and told him, “Well there’s this Boy Wizard…..” thus keeping my secret safe and making him think I’m a complete prat!

Having now got that out of my system for a while, normal service may be resumed shortly.



One Response to “Alfie: Alive and well and working on a lesser project!”

  1. Vincent May 17, 2011 at 3:54 pm #

    Boy wizard… hey! you may be ON to something there!

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