Alfie: Road thoughts

17 May

Typical! You wait weeks for an Alfie posting and then two come along at once!

I was driving to work this morning along my usual route. The MP3 player was set to “random” and playing via a little low power FM transmitter over the car radio.

Wonderful Radio Alfie (88.15 mhz) was playing “59th Street Bridge Song” aka “Feeling Groovy” by Harpers Bizarre. For the uninitiated the lyrics to this cheery little ditty go as follows:

“Slow down, you move too fast; You’ve got to make the morning last. Just slipping down the cobbled stones; looking for fun and feeling groovy”.

And it occurred to me as I looked out of the car windscreen that the person who wrote those words (Paul Simon, of course) was almost certainly NOT doing 85 mph down the A1(M) at 7.55 a.m. trying to get to work and out of the way of three HGVs attempting to overtake each other, when he did so!

In view of the above comments on my driving situation I am sure you will wish to know that I jotted down the notes for this piece AFTER I got to work!

I may be multi-talented but I’m not THAT multi-talented.



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