Only Twats Tweet! Wrong…

18 May


I set up a You Tube account before leaving the UK, with the intention of posting video reports from Ghana once things were set up. The name of that account was “onlytwatstweet”. I thought it was provocative in its title, and an attention-getter in the way it sounds.

I left the account dormant, pending the move. In fact I have not uploaded a single video, owing to the fact that my mobile dongle, on Vodafone Ghana, has only a 2G signal that can’t cope with the speeds.

There is no 3G in this area hence all my comms with you are coming from my mobile.

After due consideration I am going to leave Only Twats Tweet dormant forever. At the time of setting it up I thought it was a good idea as I really hated the small-minded way in which stars would tweet their fans with banal generalities throughout the day.

However, I do not think that, at that time, anyone could have imagined the important communication and supporting roll that Twitter would play in the various regime changes and social revolutions that have been taking place around the world.

I just have to accept that everything has a place, and role, no matter what I think. I will now think of a new name and set up a new account!



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