Alfie: Road thoughts #2

19 May

The tracks on my MP3 player (that I play through the battery powered, 10 metre range, FM transmitter to my car radio) are not necessarily all personal favourites but are all songs I enjoy in one way or another from the last 50 years or so.

They are played with the selection set to “random”.

This morning, as it was a lovely sunny morning and I had time to spare, I went the “pretty way” to work – that is, no motorways or even dual carriageways – just country roads, scenery, very little traffic and a few small villages.

So, window down, sunglasses on, music playing loud and cruising comfortably – get the picture?

Why then when I’m proceeding slowly and with due care and attention past a village school does Wonderful Radio Alfie invariably select something by Gary Glitter?

The LOOKS I get from the Yummy Mummies at the school gates!!

Fortunately, none of them would dream of whipping out a mobile phone camera and snapping me with it – producing a camera outside a school would get them torn to shreds by the other parents before any explanation could be proffered. So that’s OK then!

Oh, the times we live in!



One Response to “Alfie: Road thoughts #2”

  1. Vincent May 20, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    I was once carrying a large tranny (the radio – not the Ford van or person of altered-gender) along a street and just as I passed a large woman, Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Chantilly Lace” started up.


    Her look would have withered a lesser man than I.

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