Lord Neuberger is just a retro control freak.

20 May


Go on BBC News website and look for the story on bringing injunctions under control. Lord Neuberger is trying to turn the clock back to the sixties style of media control. He is saying that the present operation of the internet is unacceptable and that Twitter and other social sites should be placed under proper control.

This is the kind of control freakery that the fight for free radio was all about. He must not be allowed to start a government think tank that will try and introduce an internet regulator like the former IBA. If they manage to do something like that then the net will be dead for us all.

The recent social revolutions in other parts of the world could not have been organized on the scale needed without Twitter and other networking sites operating in their present form. For society to start to police their operation would be to put the clock back 60 years.

This needs you and your supporters to attack it head on and make this Lord look like the relic of the past that he clearly is.



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