Justice Eady come down.

22 May


Mr Justice Eady, a relic from the past who once shared an apartment with Fred Flintstone, was passing the time of day at the High Court in the matter of football star Ryan Giggs who is taking legal action against The Sun Newspaper and a former Big Brother contestant called Imogen Thomas.

Mr Justice Eady had granted an injunction, at the request of Ryan Giggs’ legal counsel, to limit reporting of the matter to referring to Giggs in print or on air as CTB only. Injunctions and Super Injunctions have long been the place where the rich and powerful hide their dirty washing from the serfs and common folk.

Super Low Life Publicist Max Clifford, who has made a career and fortune from the misfortune and tragic lifestyles of others, told the BBC that these kind of revelations on Twitter have a limited effect but could be picked up by the press who may investigate further. Why the BBC should value the opinion of a Super Prick such as Clifford can only be guessed at but this writer suspects it has something to do with the lowering of standards in broadcast journalism in general.

Clifford as usual is totally wrong. The way twitter works, these days, is that this kind of micro post will go viral on a worldwide scale within 30 minutes, rendering the deliberations of Mr Justice Eady, and the pointless comments of blagger Clifford, to the garbage can of press history non-events forever.

Ryan, my old mate, just how many of these Twittering Twats does your legal counsel plan on investigating and challenging? The point here is that Citizen Journalism is the new order. What you want, and what Mr Justice Eady may order, could only be a safe bet 20 years ago at a time when email was the domain of the few, and social networking sites had yet to be heard of.

It’s over, you lot. Come down from your lofty perch, Eady, No one is listening anymore.

-Jay Liotta, Accra, Ghana, West Africa.

Email: productionfx@yahoo.co.uk

One Response to “Justice Eady come down.”

  1. Vincent May 22, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    Good point – good post!

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