Electronic privacy possible: totally re-organise…

23 May


While an IP address can be traced, the trail goes cold at the door of the provider IF the end user is unregistered and gains access thru a wireless network, as some web logs do. The blogger who desires anonymity, might decide to create a pen name for his or her blog, as many have done.

He or she might even go so far as to carefully supervise the Posts, both their own or those of other Users, to exclude wording that might attract unwelcome attention via Search Terms.

There is now only the issue of the internet access. At this point in time it is still possible to register a false name, and pay in cash for services. This will give the blogger privacy.

Privacy in the electronic world at large has become a major issue. I would remind the reader of the news story last year regarding that guy who runs the Tor project that has software that users can install to block the reading of their IP address.

When interviewed by Rolling Stone, the guy revealed he had a nice apartment in San Francisco but he refused to set up a direct debit at his bank to pay the rent for privacy reasons. He prefers to visit the office once a month and pay in cash.

He said we should all be doing the same for all these types of transactions in order to avoid huge electronic files being created by service providers the content of which is secret and has a commercial value to the collators. We are all effectively forced by companies to do what they want because we desire to take the easy way out of a situation.

Given the situation that has developed, the thoughtful citizen might like to consider totally re-organizing his or her approach and lifestyle wherever possible.

We have all been lazy in the past, and it is our own fault if, and where, our laziness has been exploited. But it can be turned around.


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