13 is the age to end school & be adult.

24 May

Million Dollar Mompreneur is one of the Freshly Pressed blogs featured by WordPress at the moment.


The particular Post that got their attention was:

Losing: the new Winning

I left a Comment for Moderation and was astonished to find that it got through.


If you believe in ending nonsense, you will agree that there should be NO tests, exams, grades, or marks, only TEACHING. An academic person KNOWS what proportion of the data and principles he or she is internalising. For the rest, it matters not.

Once reading, writing, and SIMPLE arithmetic are learned the compulsory education law is honoured, but social ethics is vital to add, all this until the 13th birthday.

At 13, non-academic students should be inducted into Young Pioneers to do community help until 16.

At 13, academic people should move into proper work, mixed 50/50 with further education, until 16.

We need to recognise that ANY person interviewed for ANY role (job, place at college or university) will soon enough be found adequate or wanting. The truth is revealed. That is time enough.

It is INDEED vile to label non-academic people “losers”. The world of work needs BOTH bum-hands AND high-flyers.

Most important, the education process must involve itself in society via the media, to eliminate bad parenting, or we are all wasting our time.



One Response to “13 is the age to end school & be adult.”

  1. Vincent May 24, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    I’m not sure about that FIRST bit! Exams are needed to separate the wheat from the chaff – allow those who can USE it to progress to higher education – without being held back by those with limited abilities.

    However, I agree with the rest (and have said so in MY ramblings). The fact is, there are those whom nature has chosen to be high-fliers – and then there’s the rest of us.

    But the Right insist on rewarding ONLY those high-fliers – failing to recognise the fact that this World needs INDIANS as well as CHIEFS.

    Tories, Republicans and other arseholes think that only the “successful” deserve rewarding – while the rest of us can fuck off and die.

    However, if you don’t give us indians some RESPECT (and a living wage) – there will BE no World for the chiefs to RULE…

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