Salvation Army still vital. Political Failure evident.

25 May


In 1961 I was walking with my father past the Salvation Army Hostel in Stonehouse Plymouth where people whom I thought were about 70 years of age were being watered and fed. The side door to the dreary looking dining area was open and I had a clear view of the room.

When the social revolution called the Swinging Sixties took off between 63/64 I was of the opinion that these types of social charity organisations would no longer be needed and would, in the passage of time, be phased out.

Cy Quick, in a recent Post highlights the very disappointing fact that these services are just as important today as they were 50 years ago. He is in his own style reminding us all of the total failure of our political system that has been powerless to implement change even in the most basic areas of human need.

The problems being handled by the Salvation Army now are bigger and of a more serious nature than they were in 1961. This is nothing more than Failure and after 50 years we should all hang our heads in shame.

-Jay Liotta, Accra, Ghana, West Africa.


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