Jay defends Johnnie Walker

8 Jun


I don’t think JW went over to the other side, I think he had to earn a living the best he could.

In recent years he has been seen on the net visiting the Caroline ship and other offshore events including RSL’s. Even as far back as Flashback 67 in the 80’s he turned up at the event in the evening with Ronan.

His address at Twitter could have been @radio2jw but he still wants to be thought of as a pirate so he is @piratejw.

On another matter, the gleaning of personal information from emails and blog posting is called ‘Spear Phishing’ and it results in them constructing an email to you that looks like it’s from one of your friends, or your bank or cable provider etc.

In all cases they will try to get you to confirm personal data plus accounts and passwords. They do not present any threat at all PROVIDED that you follow one simple rule and that is:

‘NEVER send personal data to anyone over the net’

If you suspect an email is genuine you should email back requesting the reference number of the enquiry and then phone the company HQ direct and get confirmation. Any data can be exchanged later but NEVER over the net.

Do not use your real name on any site but create one like me.

Never put your real name and address into any computer, public or private. If something is that important the company will soon contact you by good old Royal Mail, and if they don’t, then it was not important after all.

People get ripped off on the net because they are lazy and stupid and for no other reason.

Stay Kool, Jay


One Response to “Jay defends Johnnie Walker”

  1. Vincent June 10, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    AHAH! It seems WordPress has a new system! To get your picture on a comment – and avoid having to approve your own comment – even when you are logged in – you must click the appropriate box under the reply writing panel. Well – at least it works better than their system to crop PICTURES (Cy knows what I’m talking about – I nearly went SPARE the other night – trying to do that very thing!)

    Oh – and WISE WORDS re NAMES, Jay!


    Baron Von Schizenbukket

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