Radio Caroline Press Kit 1964 on the net.

8 Jun


I was messing on the net late last nite and popped a search into Google: Radio Caroline Screensaver. This led me to a couple of sites one of which was called: Radio Caroline South.

Wonderful to see pics I had never seen before aboard the south ship and a few from the north as well, now all safely downloaded and stored on my hard drive.

Even photos of the original launch 1964 press kit put out by some agency in London. Amazing pics of life in the sixties aboard the MI Amigo and in Colour as well, the Transmitters and JW and RD and all the other jocks in the studios and rec rooms etc.

Too much to list. Don’t miss your chance to have it. These are the personal pics of members of staff that  have lain dormant for the past 40 years and were recently dug out and scanned into a computer. I guess some of these guys thought they had better do something about it before they peg out and some family member junks the lot, which has probably already happend in some cases.

There should be a Public Depository for films, videos and photo’s that members of the public feel are important and  should be looked after for the nation.



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