Graham Linehan rolls Justin Webb flat.

9 Jun

Graham Linehan, of whom I had never heard, was the hero of the day on Monday when he was not afraid to let the BBC Radio 4 Today breakfast mic starve rather than play the adolescent game of Justin Webb presenter “confrontational style”, reported Rob Sharp, the Arts correspondent for the newspaper i on Tuesday. Graham Linehan is quoted as saying:

“I find the whole thing of setting up an adversarial fight as artificial… …I don’t like the way we are supposed to believe there are just two sides to every argument and nothing in between. It’s a type of interviewing style which is such a depressing side to public discourse in this country.”

There are just two sorts of BBC talk-radio person: the intelligent one with a background in reality, and the moronic jerk with a background in Radio Slagheap or Gasworks FM out in oikland. IQ and character are the key. There are a few sensible people who have something to contribute, and there are silly sods (like me, actually) who ought never to be allowed near a microphone.

Apparently, Graham Linehan has adapted the Ealing comedy The Lady Killers for the stage. It has been several decades since I got tired of listening to Today, on the evolved Home Service re-branded as Radio 4. Rob Sharp tell us that Monday’s programme “descended into cold silence”. Sounds good to me.


One Response to “Graham Linehan rolls Justin Webb flat.”

  1. Vincent June 10, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    Graham is an Irish TV comedy writer. He did sketches for “Smith & Jones” among others. Then hit it big with “Father Ted”. His current show – “The IT Crowd” – even plays over here, in the Land Of Smiles!

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