Japanese youth of the Manchurian madness.

12 Jun

CIVILIAN burocrats often lack insight and comprehension: “they know not what they do” is a description that fits them, “nor care” we might add.

MILITARY burocrats routinely replace ANY understanding of reality, or indeed compassion for people, especially for those younger than themselves, with vain-glorious, conceited, cruelty.

In the documentary production by Planet, showing at present on NHK, the Japanese English-language television channel, we learn some details of the 1930s and 1940s Japanese Military Government’s Empire in Manchuria.

Thousands of idealistic youths volunteered for a frozen Hell. The territory was almost empty for a good reason. It was useless.

The planet Earth is still in an ice age. Once all Earth was a warm, green forest, swarming with hideous monsters. For several million years the poles have been uninhabitable except by a tiny number of hardy people skilled in hunting.

When the fortunes of imperialism quickly turned bad for the Japanese invaders, and supplies ceased, soldiers were freezing to death.

In the documentary, a survivor tells of his feelings as he first took the clothes off the body of his buddy who had died in the night. This was the vital necessity and norm in 30 degress below zero centigrade.

But when any food arrived, it was neither shared equally, nor given by the officers (or older men in the ranks), to the young. It would have been honourable for the old to sacrifice themselves for the young.

But the much-vaunted imperial military perception of honour, let alone any True quality of Honour, was not presnt as the older men grabbed the food and let the round-faced lads starve to gauntness and death.

But the thing of which I had not heard, or had forgotten, was that AFTER THE WAR the Japanese Government (allowed by the United States military occupation to wield power) REFUSED TO REPATRIATE their citizens, starving and freezing, back from Manchuria

It took a year for the burocrats to agree to let their soldiers and settlers to come home. Were these burocretins hung or shot for peace crimes of stupidity and selfishness? Not a chance.

They still harboured the impossible, insane idea that the balance of the population of the inhospitable mainland, Manchuria, could be changed so that it eventually evolved into a successful extension of Japanese language and culture, not to mention economy.

They had no clue. Finally, they were made to do the correct thing and allow the survivors, both dishonourable old beasts and abused young victims of the military, and suckered settlers, to return home.

I gave away my dictionary of quotations in 2008, so I do cannot say whether it was George Bernard Shaw who said

“Those who can, DO. Those who CANNOT, teach.” It is, of course, only true of BAD teachers. GOOD teachers resent bad teachers. But with mis-judged political correctness and diversity having swamped the profession since the 1960s, nobody seems to have the power and valid judgement to weed out bad from good.  

However, I believe that we can apply the rule in the post-1957 world of ever-expanding space-age high-technology

We can say that, those who HAVE the qualities of intelligence, comprehension, imagination, and insight DO some incomparably creative and positive work in leading edge manufacturing and service industry.

Those who lack all qualities, and who are dishonourable and cunning spivs and parasites, get themselves into privatised utility services, and financial services, and let the rest of the people face whatever comes.    

Those who equally lack all qualities, and are equally dishonourable, BUT lack the sophistication of cunning, get themselves into local government, and …let the rest of the people face whatever comes…   


One Response to “Japanese youth of the Manchurian madness.”

  1. Vincent June 12, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    War IS hell. But now the West is AUTOMATING it – and while the reasons for it (man’s greed and stupidity) continue – I don’t expect to see peace in MY time.

    The OLD will ALWAYS send the naive YOUNG off to do THEIR dirty work…

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