Pastors out of control in Ghana.

14 Jun


I mentioned in a previous post how pastors here in Ghana like to appoint themselves to this respected position for financial gain and a position that their brain-dead followers look up to.

It was with great interest that I tuned into breakfast TV the other morning to hear a guest question if this practice was acceptable or even healthy.

I had not bothered to purchase any of the Ghanaian newspapers but it would appear that it had come to the attention of the news media that some pastors use their position to gain an advantage with female members of their church.

The guest made reference to one pastor who, in the past year, had inpregnated the wives of 3 members of his congregation. I asked my partner about this.

She replied “It may not be the pastors fault.”

I said “I don’t understand.”

She replied “Well some of these women worship the pastors like a pop star.”

I said “You mean they attend his church because they want to be fucked?”

“Yes of course” she replied.

I guess life goes on…

-Jay in Ghana, West Africa


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