Trouble at the Top…

22 Jun


Tonight’s news on all networks in Ghana featured a report of a speech by President Mills, today, when he asked Ghanaians for help in tracking down criminals who use his family name to gain an advantage in business, or to mislead the public as to the ownership of a business.

Some citizens have portrayed themselves as a relative of President Mills, or at the very least a close friend who has the ear of El Presidente.

Mills was clearly upset by what had come to light, and his tone and posture on the rostrum started me thinking. He must be highly thought-of, for the most part, for anyone to want to create a connection in the first place.

It was just at that point my mind did a double take on what Mills said, and I tried to imagine the same misfortune befalling Cameron and Clegg?

Na it won’t happen.

-Jay in Ghana West Africa


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