James Taylor. John Lennon. Two-Tone Pete.

23 Jun


I was viewing the Oprah Winfrey show that is running behind, down here in Ghana. Tonight’s show was from September 2009. She had the folk rock singer from 1960’s and 1970’s, James Taylor, as a guest.

I remember Two Tone Pete at Exmouth Road having Taylor’s 1970 hit album Sweet Baby James in his collection.

Taylor, who is a year older than me but looks older due to Heroin addiction in his earlier life, played some of his biggest hits including the classics Carolina on My Mind and Fire and Rain, and it was this that prompted me to look up his career on Wiki.

I was surprised to find that Taylor, who lived in the building next door to John Lennon, had a run-in with Mark Chapman 24 hours before he shot Lennon.

Taylor said that on 7 September 1980 Chapman had him sort of pinned against a wall and was sweating profusely as he told Taylor he had written some new material that Lennon was interested in, and that he (Chapman) would be having a meeting with Lennon the very next day.

Taylor said he was in his apartment in the building next to the Dakota building where Lennon lived when Chapman murdered him. He said “I heard the shots”.

Next day when Chapman’s photo appeared in the New York press, Taylor realised it was the same guy who had pinned him down 24 hours earlier.



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