USA IRS is absolving mega-criminals from Tax.

24 Jun

Fridays in Ghana is an important day, True the weekend is just around the corner but that’s not what’s on the minds of most Ghanaians. Friday is the day when the latest tape of The Pastor Chris Show arrives from the USA. It is what we have all been waiting for since last Friday.

Pastor Chris, is an imposing figure of a man who, like most servants in the direct employment of Jesus Christ, conducts his everyday business wearing a Blizzard White Suite. His popularity can be measured by the size of the venue in which the show is videotaped.

It is on the same scale as a Michael Jackson concert and employs the same slick and professional presentation effects and staging that we have all come to expect at rock concerts in recent times. Music, Lights, Action, and cue Chris. Breathing in to conceal his ample girth, this Pastor to the World strolls on to rapturous applause.

Today he informs the huge assembled crowd of brain-dead followers that it is a special day as Jesus Christ has asked him to Heal those in need of Christ’s help. He further informs his fans that, in order to carry this work out, Jesus Christ has taken the trouble to install within Pastor Chris ‘The Power of the Holy Ghost” and he will use this power that has been given to him by Christ to carry out God’s Will and conduct healing.

The crowd is going mad, truly believing that Pastor Chris as a human entity has been taken over by Christ, as a human vehicle to conduct this important work.

One by One the sick and infirm are helped to the stage. They are then confronted by the pastor’s ample frame as, from his position on high, he proceeds to look down on them and, with a deep breath, Blows the Power of the Holy Ghost all over them. This is then followed up by the laying on of hands at which point the receiver passes out and is taken off stage to recover.

During all of this activity, local phone numbers here in Ghana appear on screen for donations and prayer lines, also the location of Christ Embassy churches in Ghana. As the credits roll the recipients of the pastor’s miracles face the cameras and thank him for changing their lives. We are all now waiting for next Friday!

One interesting footnote, in my investigations into this criminal activity, I have discovered that part of the problem must firmly laid at the door of the USA’s Internal Revenue Service, Churches and Charities pay No Tax, I would suggest that, where a business entity like Pastor Chris has been established, the IRS should make a request for the payment and back-payment of tax, just as they would do with any other business or private citizen.

-Jay in Ghana, West Africa


One Response to “USA IRS is absolving mega-criminals from Tax.”

  1. Vincent June 25, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    I once programmed my PVR to record a programme (scheduled for about 4 a.m.) called “Benny Hinn”. I assumed they had misspelled (as they often do) the name of The Lad ‘Imself – who I’d not seen for years.

    The next day, I checked out what said PVR had recorded. It WAS Benny HINN – who turned out to be an American evangelist. Extreme suit, extreme hair – extreme PRAT!

    I had to LAFF though. I figured if I was wrong and there IS an afterlife – Mr Hill must’ve been PISSING himself!!

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