James Taylor, still LIVE, rewinds my life!

24 Jun


I was thinking how strange life is…

1970, Exmouth Road, the only colour tv channel was bbc2 and I was viewing James Taylor singing Carolina On My Mind as he gave a performance at a point in time when I was set to take on the world and support a revolution if needed.

Fast forward 41 years and I’m watching tv in, of all places, West Africa and once again James Taylor is giving a performance of Carolina On My Mind. I wondered if some young dude, here, age 20, was viewing, and planning changes like me in 1970?

That’s the weird thing with Rock, Pop, Folk etc. particularly when the artist is still alive and still performing…

You kind of enter a time tunnel and travel back to a point in time, a  place or situation when you experienced the same kind of feeling or sensation when listening to, and looking at, the same performance the first time around.

It’s a very different thing to viewing historical performances on You Tube, for example, which is just like playing an old album or 45 single that you stored away years ago.

It’s like a videotape of the timeline of life. You spin back a section and hit play and re-live the experience again.


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