Summer 2011 Ghana version.

26 Jun


It’s the rainy season here but there has not been that much rain this year I’m told. I guess you could say we do have winters, but unless we have a covering of cloud it can still get hot.

We have had a few days where the daytime and evening temp has been no hotter than a good summer’s day in the UK. The locals love that, it’s cumfortable to them but it would still feel hot to someone just getting off the flight from London.

I have even heard some locals complain they feel cold at night. I told them they have no idea what cold is.



One Response to “Summer 2011 Ghana version.”

  1. Vincent June 29, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    I had to laff when I heard UK daytime trains were being slowed/cancelled due to the overhead conductors dipping due to expansion – in the 30 degree centigrade heat.

    For the record – it is currently 30 degrees centigrade here – at 22:48!

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