Pacific Coastal Highway drive…

3 Jul


I was reading Sumpnado the other day and Cy was on his usual topic of LA or Santa Monica, and I remembered that there is one thing I wanted to do in California that I never got around to, and it was to fly to San Diego and purchase a cheap motor.

Then spend as long as it takes driving the entire length of Pacific Coast Hwy stopping off for as long as I wanted at any point of interest.

I recall a friend from work in the 70’s doing that, but owing to work commitments had to do it in two visits.

On the first visit he stopped on PCH to watch an episode of the Rockford Files being filmed with James Garner.

The second trip he stopped to watch the filming of another series called 240 Robert, a series about California Police Rescue Paramedics. Both series were shown on Westward (ITV).

He told me he met some German visitors who told him they had appeared in a crowd scene in another series the previous year.

I guess in California it’s easy to get 15 seconds of fame if not Warhol’s full 15 minutes.



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