Final flight of a NASA Orbiter Vehicle mission.

6 Jul

Aside from buying the Daily Echo, I must STAY HOME on Friday. I dare not miss the final countdown. Of course, the weather in Florida may say “no launch today”.

The stupid Congress of 1972 cut Apollo short, despite its Research-and-Development having founded the high-tech cyber age, and despite its generation of new taxation having paid for the Program seven times over at that date.

And in 1982 Congress had refused to finance the Space Transportation System (so-called “shuttle”) up to safe and efficient specification, consisting of two airplanes, piggy-backed, taking off horizontally, both landing horizontally, one after a mission to orbit.

So the flying-bomb kit, with External Tank and two Solid Rocket Boosters, began flying.

This set-up reduced mission frequency from one a week (predicted after the whole NASA team got used to procedures) to four a year.

You know as well as I do all about the two totally fatal break-ups.

They could never have happened with the twin-bird system. THERE IS NO NEED to smash into the atmosphere to re-enter. The original design of the orbiter vehicle had engines and fuel adequate to retro-fire completely to gentle fly down.

Not glide down. FLY down. Both birds had aero-engines. Just the Orbiter had engines for flight in vacuum as well.

But, as we say farewell to the NASA “Space Shuttle” we are cheered up by the fact that China has promised to equal USA in space flight capability by 2015. China made this promise in 1985. She is on schedule.

I will be monitoring today’s TV News coverage on five television receivers, each tuned to its own receiver (four Sky, one FreeView).

What REALLY bugs me is that we are never granted the joy of seeing Congress (except clear-visioned pro-Space members) lined up and shot.


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