Murdoch Competes. Acquires. Then screws us.

6 Jul


Even without Sky News, it is highly debatable whether Murdoch should own ANY media in UK, let alone the whole of Sky.

All the key players are friends. Murdoch allows Cameron and family to use his Cruiser down in the Med for holidays, Murdoch’s son and family are regular visitors to Cameron’s home and vice versa.

Murdoch does not like competition from BBC so Cameron tries to force cutbacks, and transfers the cost of propaganda on World Service from central government on to the backs of the license payers, who will get no benefit from the move unless they travel like me.

Murdoch will throw the full weight of his tabloids behind Cameron at the next election to say thank you.

Murdoch bought 20 percent of ITV to make them unattractive to other media groups. The gov told him to sell the ITV stock but nothing happened.

The little people, who pay Sky subscriptions to watch programmes that would be free-to-air were Murdoch not around, also purchase his newspapers, and provide the capital Murdoch needs to buy himself into total control of  Sky content, like Sports output, or to finance the exclusive deal with America’s HBO.

Then the Sky subscriptions will go up and the little people pay more, again for something that was once free.

As the years slip by a new generation comes along that cannot remember NOT paying to watch, and they are prepared to pay even more, again for material that would be free on ITV or C4, so News Corp and News International get bigger.

It is a self-perpetuating situation where Murdochs influence extends to Heads of State and his number of media outlets provide the tools needed for the total  manipulation of the electorate in UK (“It was the Sun Wot Won It”) USA, Australia and the Far East.

The business plan is very simple. Restrict access and force viewers to subscribe. The principle being that most are brain dead and won’t know the meaning of the word subscription let alone be able to spell it. The viewers will never be in control. Heads of state will never be in control.

It is The Chairman who now has control over everything, a situation that is both unhealthy and dangerous.

This is because you can be sure of one thing: it is certain that Rupert Murdoch and his executives will have already been in talks with Governments and Leaders, around the world, with a view to Restricting aspects of Internet use and Access.

It’s a forgone conclusion. The Internet is the only communications frontier where The Chairman is not in control.



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