News of the World Hackers, Power, & Greed.

6 Jul


On the MSNBC website, the story called ‘Police talk with more parents about cell phone  hacks’. This ties together all the key players in the News of the World scandal:

News International head Rebekah Brooks
David Cameron
Rupert Murdoch
Glen Mulcair, Andy Coulson, Jeremy Hunt, Clive Goodman, etc…

It’s a who’s who, of Power, Greed and Political wheeling-and-dealing of the worst kind, and they are all, for the most part, friends.

It is everything that is rotton about how Britain is run and I notice from reported statements that Cameron now appears to be on the run.

Interesting that Ford have now withdrawn all advertising from the News of the World as they don’t want to be tainted by Murdoch’s Sunday Rag.

I have thought of a plan to crush Murdoch in the UK and his political friends so I will run this by Cy when I get back.



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