Murdoch's life of crime. Cable was correct.

7 Jul


The Commons Today on Rupert Murdoch’s News International: “Immoral. Criminal, and without the slightest sense of decency.”

I hope Cameron’s Clan now wave the Sky sale through in Murdoch’s favor. That will be a perfect situation for the lead into the next election. There will be a opportunity to get rid of Cameron and Murdoch if this is planned in the right way.

Ofcom is obliged to assess whether licence holders are fit and proper on an “ongoing basis” without any need for ministerial direction. On what basis is this company’s bidder News International fit for any purpose?

Rupert Murdoch’s son, James, is Head of Sky Television but also Chairman of News International so he should now stand down, as should Rebekah Brooks, Chief Exec, News International.

Clearly the company is unfit to hold a media licence or trade in the UK.  Cameron has to force his ministers to wave this deal through, the details of this plan were agreed between Murdoch and Cameron prior to the last election.

The plan also included an attack on the BBC, and Ofcom, so that both would be weakened, the beeb in what it could afford to do, and Ofcom in the restrictions and operating standards it could impose.

Cameron has to deliver his end of the bargain to the Murdoch family, or risk Murdoch’s wrath at the next election. Cameron is up to his neck in this conspiracy and is unfit to govern.

When crooked media barons and unelected, crooked leaders populate the tea rooms in Downing Street, a compromise will be found. The wording of an official press release will be agreed.

Murdoch’s UK titles under News International lost £129 million last year but, as you can see, it’s a small price for Murdoch to pay as their political influence is worth so much more. Who would ever write-off that level of loss, year after year, if there was never, ever going to be a pay-day?

Murdoch views these losses as nothing more than the premium of an insurance policy in respect of ever- increasing uncertainty in the future political situation.

Paying corrupt police officers for inside information or buying off our political leaders is all in a day’s work for News Corp and Murdoch. It has become a way of life; it IS his life.

Vince Cable’s hunch about Murdoch proved to be correct. Is the time not, now, right for Cameron to apologise and reinstate him?



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