STS Final Mission: Friday 08 July 2011 [1]

8 Jul

CNN and the other international news channels in English are giving good coverage to Space today. Plenty of talk about the future, after this final Space Transportation System mission is accomplished.

Private companies are the great hope of the Space community and fans.

And the great hope of the intelligent members and fans of the Space community is that the aforementioned entrepreneurs will not waste time with “big dumb boosters” anymore but get back to the horizontal take-off and landing space-planes, an orbiter with complete with both aeronautical and orbital capability, the other with aeronautical capability right to the edge of space and with assigned to carry the orbiter thereto.

“Oygen Zenger” is how to pronounce the name of Eugen Sanger, the German space engineer of genius. He designed a space-plane which never got taken up by the money people, aka the state.

Then there was the cancellation, by morons in parliament, of the British HOTOL aka horizontal take-and-landing twin-stacked (launcher and orbiter) space-planbe.

And the INTELLIGENT let’s-do-this-right USA Space effort was X-Planes, which the US Congress, with their moronic red-fearing PANIC PANIC PANIC HURRY HURRY HURRY attitude towards the Space effort rejected, choosing instead “big dumb boosters” as made by Verner fon Brown.

As always, CCTV News, the Chinese state service, was the most intelligent in coverage. CCTV News presenter, post launch, supplied the information about USA’s Orion project.

I had, LIVE at time of launch, a 6-screen monitoring set-up, comprising NASA TV on my computer, BBC News on my FreeView, and on my four Sky boxes, CNN, Sky News, CNBC, and Bloomberg.

I switched the latter two to France 24 and CCTV News, about five minutes after launch.

It is a pity that, as always, NASA TV is (we have to assume deliberately) delayed by anything from 20 seconds to a full minute behind  the feed which the broadcast TV channels deliver to air.

Sky News was a few seconds ahead of everyone else.

I look forward to the touchdown of Atlantis after a successful mission offloading supplies.

As I leave this Post, I have the NASA TV audio only, crew communications only, still sounding on the computer, selected from the options on the service.

PS: CCTV News is now documanting in greater detail the other NASA and private company projects. Good old PRC! CNN is all very well, with copious coverage, but the leader for the serious viewer is CCTV News!

I miss Fox News but I cannot afford the Sky package.


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