Stop Murdoch! (USA). Support him! (India).

8 Jul


I’m listening to BBC World Service on an FM relay here in Ghana and they have a programme from London called “Have Your Say”.

US citizens who listen to the world service have been calling the show about Murdoch’s Fox Channel and Fox News Channel.

The callers said they did not like the way the network was run and that Fox News was a disgrace, the channel being full of lies and back biteing content.

They further said it would not be a good idea to allow Murdoch the same level of control and influence in Britain.

Callers from India praised Murdoch’s business acumen in India saying he had opened up the country’s media at a time when no one else was interested in doing anything.

Since Murdoch proved there was a market going begging and was enjoying the fruits of success, the other networks like Turner Broadcasting had turned up to stake their claim.

Overall, listeners thought that Murdoch already had too much power in the UK and should be prevented  from taking full control/ownership of BSkyB.

In the following two links, you will find an article by Robert Preston as to why the government has to give Murdoch the go ahead to buy Sky. He explains the technical reasons why Murdoch can’t be stopped and how the situation stands in law in Murdoch’s favor.

 I suggest that you might also like to go to:

or just search the name. When you get to the home page click on Stop Rupert Murdoch and read the statement on his list of deeds around the globe. I signed!



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