Service company cheap skates admit error.

10 Jul


BT, Powergen, and other clever-dick greedy-pigs, in perverse alliance with diversity-loonies, have been forced, at long last, by the customers, to repatriate call centre jobs from India to UK.

It was not that the Indians were incompetent. They were highly intelligent people. It was that most of them were incapable of adopting a standard English accent and therefore could not be understood by us, the customers.

The i newspaper reported that the 1.5 million service calls to Santander will be answered in Glasgow, Liverpool, and Leicester, rather than Bangalore and Pune, from the end of June.

This is far better, but not good enough. The Scots who have answered most service calls I have made to Sky in the past, are competent, but every now and then, I found one with extremely distorted vowels.

Far too many provincial Brits, both Scots and English, have a Bolshy attitude about accent. I have mentioned that Scouse asshole who was indecipherable to that unfortunate lad from Hong Kong.

I do not speak oik, despite the fact that I spent school days in York. I can speak Oik, if I wish to put it on. But I understand that STANDARD ENGLISH, native to the South of England, is accepted lingua franca.

The bright (read stupid) idea of the privatised companies, was to cut costs. This was in order that execs could swan away with vast salaries, plus vast bonuses.

We are lucky to GET human operators. More and more service calls are received by robotic answer-phones that offer limited Yes/No options, none of which fit the customer’s requirement.

I do not believe that artificial intelligence will ever be perfected. Humans, competent ones, who speak the customer’s language, who speak it in a Standard, un-accented way, are the only thing that will work.

What part of this do executive jerks not understand? Oh, they understand perfectly. They just kick-against-the-pricks at every suggestion that they have to spend some money. They desire every penny for their already bulging pockets, the vile, loathsome slimers.    


One Response to “Service company cheap skates admit error.”

  1. Vincent July 13, 2011 at 7:01 am #

    In my experience – the only place English is spoken proper these days IS IN countries like India and various ex-pink bits of Africa.

    The reason being that the white ex-pat ruling class in these Empire regions were cut off from Britain for CENTURIES – while at home, the Queen’s (then King’s) English was DESTROYED.


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