Carl Bernstein: "Murdoch same as Nixon".

12 Jul


Carl Bernstein “Watergate” has just been interviewed on World Service about the relationship between Murdoch, his business in the UK and his Business and Families relationship with David Cameron and the Tory Government. He said that there were similarities between what was going on in London and the Watergate affair.

He said that the break in at the Watergate Hotel was in itself a very minor matter, it was the culture that was the problem, a culture that had been cultivated by Nixon and his close and trusted team at the White House.

That culture was that which you did not consider to be the laws of the land, but with which pressed on regardless with whatever form of crime caper was needed to get the results. When asked where he would rate what was going on in London at Murdoch’s business he replied: Without doubt it’s below sewer level!



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