Cameron can always get a Murdoch job.

13 Jul


Of course Murdoch had no choice but to change his mind and withdraw his offer to sell off sky news as a private company should he take 100% of BSkyB. He had boxed the Prime Minister in and Cameron had no escape route in the escalating problem of “Fit and Proper” to be owners of the most profitable UK broadcaster.

Now Hunt can legally refer Murdoch’s proposals back to the regulator for another look in view of the latest allegations. Cameron was sweating there for a couple of days and I am sure Rupert was just giving him taste of what could have been an ongoing situation very much in News Corps favor.

Cameron will learn in time that getting close with the Murdochs comes at a price just like many before him. There never has been a free lunch but the closer you get to the Murdochs the easier it is to believe there might be one. Cameron will  continue to be friends with James and Rebekah but it will be strictly social from here on.

If he drags the Tories to another defeat he will be replaced and probably leave politics forever. James may offer him a position in the office at Sky in which case he would have come full circle, that’s the position he held at Carlton ITV before blagging his way into his present position.

-Jay Liotta, Ghana, West Africa.



One Response to “Cameron can always get a Murdoch job.”

  1. Vincent July 13, 2011 at 7:11 am #

    I’ve been out of touch with Britain for a decade now – but when I was last there, I got all my news from Teletext (it was brief, but relatively unpolluted) and these days, from, CNN and other Interweb sources.

    The thing is, the NotW only HAD about a two million circulation – in a country of SIXTY million. And it was the BIGGEST.

    So are people attributing to these “media barons” – their REAL relevence?

    I mean – on TIM (This Infernal Machine) I get the news of NOW.

    Whereas, “Daily” newspapers report YESTERDAY’S news and “Evening” ones – which report TODAY’S news – have TINY circulations.

    Plus – thanks to all the adverts – most LOCAL newspapers are FREE. So who wants to PAY for heavily-biased right-wing CRAP from the likes of Digger?

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