Murdoch greedy? Cameron backing off?

15 Jul


Of course Murdoch will look upon leaders like Cameron with contempt. Cameron earns only about £150,000 per year and that’s what Murdoch will spend in restaurants.

Murdoch’s problem now is that wherever he has investments around the world, those countries will be taking an interest in what is going on in their own back yard.

We in UK often think of News Corp as Sky and The Sun in the UK, and Fox studios and Fox News in US, so it was with something of a shock, yesterday, when the BBC web site published a list of all his investments, country by country.

Murdoch’s obsession with the BBC is proof of his personal greed, it is the main reason why he is detested. The size of the BBC is nothing when compared to Murdoch’s world investments, yet he is so greedy that he wanted Cameron to work with him in undermining the BBC in order to give Sky an even greater advantage.

As one writer said yesterday, it has pained Murdoch for a long time that the success of Sky is not all his and his alone. Now, owing to his companies practices at NoW, the FBI is looking into operating practices at Murdoch-owned properties in the US.

If they find any wrong-doing, or if the families of US servicemen have been hacked by his news organization there, he could find calls in Washington for the FCC to withdraw his Broadcast Licences.

What he has in his favor is the size of his US investments. To undermine that investment would have an effect on the lives of a lot of citizens. That said, it won’t protect him if, as in Britain, public opinion turns against him.

The current frenzy is similar to MP’s expenses in the minds of the public. Those people who, three weeks ago, had taken no interest in Murdoch are now shouting.

The danger, here, for Cameron, is that he is in the driving seat. If the public view him as weak or in any way favoring Murdoch, the conservative party could suffer damage. That damage could be rolled forward by the opposition to the next election, as any court cases that spring from this could take years to complete, keeping it in the public eye in the run up to the next election.

Cameron cannot be seen to be taking any more hospitality from the Murdochs. It could lead to permanent damage.

The Murdochs won’t be able to rely on friends or favors in high places in the UK anymore. No-one wants to be tainted and this fact has been marked by the speed at which Cameron has detached himself from the Murdochs, even agreeing to vote for, and back, an opposition motion against the News Corp take-over of Sky.

The Murdoch’s will feel isolated now. The interesting thing will be how Murdoch fights his way back and tries to establish Business as Normal.

One thing is for sure, If the situation can be pulled around, it will be down to the old master, Rupert. James is just not in the same universe as his father.

When the time comes for Rupert to depart this world, News Corp will never be the same again. People like Rupert Murdoch are one-offs in this world.

The News Corp board cannot just replace him with a new appointment. His son James is running News International but it was the old man who had to fly in and take charge when the shit hit the fan.



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