Analogue Ownership-Rules snarl-up a Digital Age.

17 Jul


I notice Ed Miliband is saying the current media ownership rules are out of date describing them as Analogue rules for a Digital age. These outdated rules have led to the current position with so much power concentrated in one man’s hands. This has led to an abuse of that power within his organisation.

The Lib Dems have written to media regulator Ofcom calling for it to investigate whether the owners of the BSkyB Broadcasting Licence are “fit and proper” to do so following the allegations around the entire News Corp operation.

Media spokesman and Party President Tim Farron asked the watchdog to investigate in light of “the manifest public concern about News International’s activities, the close integration of News Corp, and News Corp’s effective control of power at BSkyB”.

Cy, Murdoch had it all in his hands, he just had to keep his head down and stay below the radar and he could have ended up with the whole caboodle. He, like many before him, was not content with business success. That was not enough.

They were corrupted by power and wanted to influence those who had it, and position themselves where they had elected leaders living in fear of what they might do next.

Let’s be honest, what other CEO expects dinner at Number 10 as almost a right when flying into London? Miliband is right, the country has to get rid of this problem it’s gone too far now.



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