Cause of callous leaders in West Africa.

22 Jul


The West Africa slave trade is not the most damaging aspect of that time window. It is the introduction of Christianity that was the most damaging. In the end, slavery died out for the most part but this nation is in the grip of religious hysteria that is so aggressive and obsessive it marks the passage of time for the entire population. There is no hope in this ongoing environment. I do not believe that the change that is needed is possible. As things stand, it’s a lost cause.

I am watching Good Morning Ghana and a representative from the opposition NPP is asking why the country needs another Presidential Jet? Also a bigger jet that can seat up to 100? The proposal is to order the bigger jet with extra fuel tanks for greater range adding 8 million dollars to the sticker price plus an entertainment system in the first class cabin costing an extra 1 million dollars, taking the quote to a total of 62 million dollars.

The guy is making the point the country should be looking at secondhand jets or cheaper models. He is also making the point that ministers should not be driving around in 4 wheel drive vehicles with V8 engines when a normal car would do?

There are school children being taught under trees, water supply problems in Labone (expensive part of the capital Accra) and also in Adenta  (up market residential area just outside the capital), and the list goes on.

A viewer from the ruling NDC party emails the studio to point out that All the staff at the British High Commission are driving luxury Range Rovers that are fitted with V8 engines as standard. As our former colonial masters they must know what they are doing or have a good reason for making that choice? Etc, etc and so it goes on.

I think the underlying problem goes right back to basics and that is that in most cases these politicians in the third world came from very humble backgrounds. They are like young children let loose in a sweet shop, once in power and  having access to the central bank.

They watch CEO’s fly in and out on their Executive Jets and want to be just like them, forgetting that there was a time when they were without food and that, tho life changed for them, their brothers on the street are still without enough to eat.

Tribalism, Ritualism, Jealousy, Politics, Education and Personal Family Positioning all play a role in this type of excess and its acceptability amongst those in power at any given moment.

The lights will remain off. The taps in Labone and Adenta will remain dry. The ordinary citizens will still search for enough to eat. The Presidential Executive Jet will leave on time.



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