Boscombe sucks but I need the bucks.

24 Jul


Re-your blog, the name is the problem in a world of bloggers but I think it can be helpful if the blog header is a name that links the blogger to a nationality or nation. That can be of help in building hits as life in the UK is like nowhere else on Earth and for that reason will always have a following from interested parties everywhere.

Example. A blog by the late Alan Freeman could be “Not Arf” or a Londoner could be “Inn-It” or someone in Cornwall could be “The Camborne Pixie” Here in West Africa I could be “Dr Livingstone” or if I wanted to tie things in a specific way to a region of Ghana I could be “The Ashanti Apprentice” in other words there is something in the header to draw interested parties in.

If you hated living in Boscombe then it could be: “Boscombe Sucks” or if working in Boscombe:

“Boscombe Sucks But I Need The Bucks”.

The success of a header to draw in hits will be quickly noted by your stats etc, in the end you can always change it like your phone number.


One Response to “Boscombe sucks but I need the bucks.”

  1. Jay Liotta July 24, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    Nicely edited Cy.

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