Murdoch fails to answer summons in 1953.

29 Jul

Jay alerted me to a Murdoch story that Michael Crick, BBC Political Editor for Newsnight (the BBC as it ought to be) put out on having gleaned it from the Oxford Mail, 14 February 1953:

“Student Given Bail – Sequel to Oxford Warrant Issue

“Keith Rupert Murdoch, an undergraduate at Worcester College, for whose arrest Oxford magistrates issued a warrant yesterday, was charged later in the day with failing to produce a certificate of insurance for his car when asked to do so on December 21…

“Keith Rupert Murdoch, aged 21, of Worcester College, said he had failed to answer his summons because he had been called away to London on really urgent business the night before the day he was due to appear in court…

“The certificate, said Chief Inspector Warwick, was subsequently found to be in order.”

Given the mega money that Murdoch subsequently safely gathered in proves that he was not kidding about his really urgent biz, and that the ten bob fine was a necessary sacrifice. My father was earning four quid a week at the time. Ten bob (those reddish notes were so cute) was half a quid.

I started my evening paper route. The pay was seven and a tanner per week. That is three half-crowns. Or three florins, a bob, and a tanner. That was after I became 13. Ten days later Mister Lennon caught up. 

As to Murdoch’s oversight (aka correct sense of priorities) it could happen to anyone. What’s with the carting around the paperwork collection? Cheez!


2 Responses to “Murdoch fails to answer summons in 1953.”

  1. Vincent July 29, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    I was less than six months old, then – and ALREADY The Dirty Digger was beginning his life of dubiosity (it’s a word) and double-dealing…

  2. Vincent July 29, 2011 at 10:29 am #

    p.s. I notice Digger’s full given names are KEITH Rupert. (I double-checked in Wiki – and that’s RIGHT).

    So why would an Australian dump Keith – in favour of a pommy-bastard poofdah name like RUPERT???!

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