Natural Afterlife free from bossy boots.

30 Jul

All around the Milky Way galaxy is a vast ocean of ethereal matter aka energy. So “space” is not total vacuum, not complete emptiness, at all. There is light. There are other radiations. And who knows what else? This is inter-galactic “space”.

Between the stars of Milky Way galaxy is inter-stellar “space”, even more packed with thin stuff. As to my lay-person’s take on modern astro-physics, I neither believe, nor respect, the big-banger fools who interpret the spectral red-shift of far-travelled light as evidence of cosmic expansion. They use it as a dummy aka comfortor. It gives them an excuse to claim they know how old and how extensive the cosmos is.

I am good for inventing stuff too. I ask (to comfort the bereaved) what if the animal (including human) consciousness is an energy field that survives death of the brain and, with anchors away, is carried outwards from the Earth, the Solar System, and abides in inter-stellar, even inter-galactic “space”? Way down this stack of Posts was one I did earlier on this very subject. I deleted it. Too long.

The main matter is whether the individual (no longer incorporated with dense matter) can communicate with other thin-matter aka ethereal individuals. You can do a whole bunch of other speculation about all spirits being equal in terms of having zero physical power, but each retaining his or her individual mental power.

Further fun pondering and wandering can generate what ifs about virtual reality. I would see every person as human, and 165 cm tall. An ex-green-lizard would see me as just like himself. And in all this, there is no need for the thistle caster with the blood lust. Everlasting life is either a natural phenomenon, or it is nothing at all…


2 Responses to “Natural Afterlife free from bossy boots.”

  1. Vincent July 30, 2011 at 7:26 am #

    Nice piece, Cy. I was so impressed, I even corrected a couple of typos and redid a piece of WordPress’ type-setting (they sometimes curtail lines early, when you modify something – I spend a LOT of time sorting that, on MY pieces – OCD or what?!)

  2. Vincent July 31, 2011 at 7:38 am #

    1963. It was composed by Ronald Binge (no jokes about his drinking, please) – who also composed “Elizabethan Serenade”.

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