8 Aug


While the community in Tottenham may have concerns about the police shooting dead Duggan, I do not believe that was the reason for the riots. This is the people of the uk saying we are not going to be abused anymore. We are no longer doormats.

It is in fact the same reaction to political positioning that we have seen affecting regime changes across north africa and the middle east. If this was being effected across the country then we could get rid of the coalition and monarchy.

It needs nationwide co-ordination possibly through twitter and that will provide the control platform needed to install a caretaker administration for the day by day management of the nation until the bones of the new republic have been worked out.

The current situation is not in the interest of the nation or citizens, it is only of benefit to a very small elite group who should have been deposed before Thatcher gave them some sort of credibility.



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