Fight back by abused youth & social underclass.

14 Aug


I have no idea if anyone is reading this blog (?) as I only see the usual feedback from the usual suspects. However, should there be a wider audience out there somewhere in cyberspace, most would have to agree with the content and detail of the France 24 report.

There is one point over-looked by all, and that is the unique political situation in the UK where two political leaders, who were both firmly rejected by the country’s electorate, hold self-appointed positions of power.

Cameron and Clegg are conducting their own experiment with the nation’s economy and social structure but in essence represent no-one. It is not a situation I can endorse, and therefore I do not have any problem with the social fight back being conducted on the streets of Britain by an abused youth and social underclass.

I do hope they re-group and continue to hammer the point home to those who believe they have some automatic right to power, and the abuse of.



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