Harolds Place Florida… BoJo Beach Ghana…

14 Aug


From memory, it was the election of Margaret Thatcher that was the last time I cast my vote in a General Election. After her first five years in Downing Street, I realised I would have to move on from my position as an employee, who was part of the PAYE system, and take control of improving my own position through Freelance/Self Employed Contracts.

This proved the way to go, as I was able to manipulate not only my income but also my chosen lifestyle. In short I had no need to listen to posturing political parties anymore.

In 1989 I watched the Berlin wall come down on CNN from ‘Harolds Place’ the best burger bar in South Florida (voted the best for the past 21 years) and like the other assembled Yanks realised history was being made that day.

It was the same feeling last week, again from a tropical location (BoJo Beach Ghana) where I listened to reports of London Burning on the BBC’s FM Relay here for the World Service. Once again history was being made.

The ground work was being laid. It won’t be fast or easy but Cameron and Clegg will go and pass into history. A new order has ordained it. Who knows? They may both take their tent down and join me on BoJo Beach, very preferable to Westminster.

Played One… Lost One… I’m thinking.


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