Engineers on offshores made it all possible.

17 Aug

A lot of people involved in the sixties pirates are posting their thoughts and pictures on line. It must be the realisation that time is running out. Some have already passed and their photo’s have been made available by those who survived them.

There are so many to check out. One site I was looking at was “the pirate radio hall of fame” and the section on the engineers who worked on the ships turned up a few surprises. This included pictures of documents relating to manning rosters for the engineers on Caroline North and South, Tender sailing times, Transmitter log layouts etc.

One guy said he passed on a box of colour slides (half frame) to the web site after being given them by a guy in work who said he worked on Caroline in the sixties as a transmitter engineer. That guy was now working for a company who supplied and maintained Radiography equipment to hospitals. He clearly had little interest now and gave the slides to a younger guy who he probably thought would look after them for posterity.

Fortunately the young dud had the presence of mind to get them to a suitable website and let the world see them, I also noticed that reference was made to some of the partners of crew who had passed in enlisting their help and co-operation in referencing comment and publishing their photos.


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