Murdoch has yet to see USA get mad.

20 Aug


Like many other people who have posted on the net, I am just happy that Murdoch does not get a penny from me or them. At the end of the day if subscribers are being overcharged because of a cartel between News Corp and the major Hollywood studios it will go against him in any further requests he may make to the regulator in the UK.

Fox News is now viewed internationally as Murdoch’s propaganda channel. A variety of American journalists and comentators report on its un-professional conduct in not reporting the events around the NOTW phone hacking story and their broadcasts that just carried on as if nothing was happening to their boss and owners.

It’s a situation that underlines just how important BBC World and other BBC international services are, as Fox viewers had to tune to CNN or BBC America to see coverage.

The FBI is now looking into possible phone hacking and other matters that have come to light. If Murdoch thinks the UK market is over regulated he’s seen nothing yet. His network licenses could be suspended or he could be forced to sell.

The Yanks are very fussy about their rules and regulations and view any infringement in a serious light. It is the main reason why the city of London attracts a lot of high-flying financial players who by choice have turned their backs on New York. London has a light touch regulator, or did prior to the 2008 crash.



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