Piers Morgan is a nun-raised nutcase.

21 Aug


Every non-theist is the default manifestation. Piers Morgan, like every theist, is the bizarre variant.

Theist weirdo, Piers Morgan, says that non-theists are characterised by denial. Au contraire.

It is theists who, despite billions of people suffering deprivation and disease, all day, every day, around planet Earth, insists in fatuous burbling that “God is love”.

The thorn-caster and thistle-caster of Genesis is a product of the imagination of spiteful men of primitive, flat-world days, who thought it was perfectly alright to play SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO.

What a pity that pea-brains such as nuns (who Piers Morgan says raised him) and the man himself  get to wield influence and control over the minds of innocents.

One last word:

If humankind invent FTL drive (viable as soon as we also invent shields against cosmic particle strike) and arrive at, say, Nut Star 9, and find, say, a bunch of nutter-kind who believe in The Unseen Sacred Lord Flopadoodle Poncybags The Wholly Holy Holey, is Piers going to waste his time arguing with the idiots? And is Piers then going to deny being in denial?

Or is he going to save his breath?

As I ought to have done…


Wait a minute. Piers wasn’t KIDDING, was he?


Tragically, no. Piers is a solid Catholic God-botherer. He’s admitted as much on his CNN show.

I watched the first week – it was BIZARRE – his guests ALTERNATED between the interesting and the sickening – and so did PIERS.

Here’s the list:

Day 1: Oprah – after five minutes, I had to stop watching, for fear of being drowned in the OIL SLICK.

Day 2: Howard Stern – good interview.

Day 3: Condo Rice – see Day 1.

Day 4: Ricky Gervais – see Day 2.

Day 5: George Clooney – despite George’s charm, more OIL.

Day 6: Rudy Giuliani – fair interview. At least he wasn’t up Rudy’s ARSE.

Day 7: I decided to give it a miss – and I’ve NEVER BEEN BACK.


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