Change-in-UK disaster. Has anybody learned? Political mess-up. Jay & Vincent team is on it.

22 Aug


Being in the right climate helps. In view of what people have to put up with in the UK, it is sensible to look at other locations.

I have noticed that over the past 20 years the Australian government has taken notice of the enormous mistakes being made in Westminster and steered their ship away from impending disaster.

The immigration issues being one such disaster that they have managed to control better than the  UK. It has always been my opinion that the UK benefitted from being an island and so it is with Australia.

The big advantage the Aussies have is their island is not off of anyone else’s coast line, They really are on their own, and that location affords them a level of control that is not possible here in the UK with our membership of the EU and our Tunnel and Ferry links to Europe.

Britain is set to lose its unique identity totally within the next 100 years as the various groups of immigrants in the uk now continue to [make babies] to the point where there will be no white Anglos left (laff).

By the way, they changed the British High Commissioner here [in Ghana] last month and he was interviewed on TV. He gave the usual propaganda [garbage] lines about the value to both countries of maintaining close ties etc., and then said something that quite shocked me. He said he would like to thank the more than 500,000 Ghanaians now working in the British Economy for their help.

It is shocking as Ghana is not that big in size, and the commonwealth is. Even if it were possible to get official government stats as to the numbers who have been allowed to remain in the UK the figures would be wildly out, as we started importing labour (from the West Indies) in the 50’s and family visits from those who would become over-stayers has continued for more than 50 years.

It would be true to say that of the original over-stayers many have already lived a life here and died here and are still doing so today. Any kind of migration brings with it additional attachments that could not have been planned for in the shaping of regulation.

It is called “Life” and the Australians are lucky enough to be in the second vanguard of this migration thus affording them the benefit of hindsight and more efficient controls.


FROM Vincent:

It’s a tough one this. Start talking about the advisability of allowing immigration into Britain and you’re immediately labelled a racist.

But one can mention the politicians (no-one likes THEM) who started the whole thing…

SHORT-SIGHTED as ever, since Britain in the immediate post-WW2 period was short of labour (a significant number of them having failed to return from the recent argument with Herr Hitler) they nailed London Transport recruitment notices to trees in Africa and the West Indies (the old PINK bits on the map) – and invited medics from the sub-continent (more pink bits) to come and build the new NHS.

Which was FINE – in the FIFTIES. But of course, they were sowing the seeds of DISASTER – for when the baby-boomers’ kids started leaving school, full employment in Britain had ENDED.

And it never would be again.

Of course, this caused FRICTION between Britain’s black and white communities. But once the automation and outsourcing of jobs in the Seventies had begun, they learned to get ON – ’cause by then, NO-ONE could get a job.

And now that there are WAY more people, of ALL colours, in Britain than jobs – the friction is between those with “experience” who can still find gainful employment (if they’re not too OLD) and the dispossessed and alienated youth, who can’t.

Which explains why Britain’s cities now look a lot like they did, after the point this sad story BEGAN – when the Luftwaffe had HAMMERED them.



Good points Vincent. It is unfortunate that Britain has developed a culture where employers no longer recruit staff who have reached 50 years of age. This age group have vast experience to offer all in companies across the UK but employers prefer to hire cheap foreign labour that can be exploited and abused in the workplace both in terms of salary and employment conditions.

They do not complain like their British counterparts as they are all under pressure to send money home to their families who for the most part are poorly educated and have a mind-set that says anyone living in UK or the US must be wealthy.

UK Governments after creating hell for their population by allowing an open door policy on immigration over many years now choose to attack the youth of the nation for being unemployed, by trying to make their lives hell at Job Centres and restrict basic benefits. This leads to a third world attitude on the streets of the nation.

In modern history it has been conservative policy to abuse the weakest in society. Modern examples of that would be the poll tax under Thatcher where the well-off living in luxury paid less poll tax than those living in social housing. Todays Conservative Policy under Cameron maintains that tradition in the persistent abuse of certain groups.

However, having said that it would also be true to say that under Labour these two groups were left to fester and benefits were doled out to keep them quiet, the problems they represented were never attacked head on, they were hidden to a large extent.

We now have a crumbling nation where our political parties are trying to work out how to shore up the damage they themselves have created. The USA is in a similar situation but, for their administration, it is something that can be hidden, in part due to the size of their nation, and the fact that they are a continent not a small island off the coast of Europe.



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