Reporter-blogs beat Surface Communications.

25 Aug


Yesterday afternoon, The Compiler dropped by my flat on his way to Boscombe. He is on IMDB all the time adding details to his logs of movies that he just saw on TV. I showed him Sumpnado and he pronounced the name “sump NAA doe”. So today I have made the change that you see on the Header. Vincent recently said that “Sumpnado” is esoteric and I appreciate how that could be seen as a good thing.

No offence to my fellow contributors, but I think the truth is that, on balance, the character of the blog is unsophisticated, and “just folks” style. So it is better to neither hide nor pretend, but simply to admit that it IS just something to do, at least for me. Without blogging, I would be bored out of my skull!

Sumpy (as Vincent call it) does NOT pretend to be the Journal of the Association of the Great Minds of the Universe. It it WERE something like the aforementioned JAGMU, 99% of my stuff would not be used. (I had better hurriedly add that ALL of the other guys’ stuff would be received with delight and published post haste.) The 1% of mine would be included in “Examples to help contributors determine what to avoid” I expect.

So I want to give the title JUST SOMETHING TO DO a fair try. We can always end up calling it THIS IS NOT EVEN SILLY or WE BEG YOU TO STOP A MINUTE or CAN YOU SERIOUSLY BE SAYING YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO THAN READ THIS? Actually… we might even change the name EVERY DAY…



I don’t think its a big deal to get hung up about names etc, I fully understand that you use this blog to amuse yourself and pass the time of day. I have been doing the same thing over the past 10yrs with younger women. My opinion is that a blog needs HITS to make it more than an amusement and I have in the past few weeks sent you some posts that I thought would attract comment from outraged citizens but they did not.

Don’t know if it is of any help to mention, but I find myself sometimes reading blogs because they inform me with behind the scenes comment that can’t reach me through the normal channels or what I like to call “Surface Communications”.

A good example would be what is going on in Tripoli, Our news coverage [in Ghana] is not as good as yours [in UK] so I found myself on the blogs of correspondents in the field to find out what is going on at ground level, things and info not available in the main media feeds.

What interests me is its making use of the medium to communicate the alternative, or insider, or informed comment that you can’t hear on the radio. Hope this helps.



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